About Us

DeMont Institute of Management & Technology is among the first Technical
and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) providers in the UAE. With us,
you can find the best academic pathway to a successful career. We’re
changing the way education is perceived.

Who we are

DeMont Institute of Management and Technology has mastered the art, science, and practice of providing quality UK education with optimum result-centric teaching models that include pedagogical and blended forms of learning. Our courses are designed for students from all walks of life.

Our Vision

The values of DeMont Institute of Management and Technology are rooted in the key principles of continued professional development (CPD) and managerial professional development (MPD).

The vision of the institute is to be able to create an exceptional learning experience for all:

  • A fresher looking forward to pursuing our short-term courses to help strengthen their basic knowledge and receive the training that would enable them to pursue a full-fledged course in the field of their interest.

  • A fresher who chooses to bypass traditional forms of education to pursue specific short-term courses to help kick start their career.

  • A professional looking to enhance his or her skill set and acquire the tools they need to advance in their career.

Our Mission

DeMont Institute of Management and Technology is on a mission to have a 100% success rate. Meaning, we want every student who walks into our institute to be able to inch closer to the goals that they had set out to achieve. Education and training being an integral part of growth, when delivered with quality and taught to be applied efficiently, paves the way for individuals to succeed. We wish to serve as a stepping stone for each of our students until and after the name DeMont is internationally recognised as an institute that creates leaders.

What do we do?

At the core of the institution’s values lies the determination to impart education not only for the
purpose of offering accredited certifications but to deliver lessons that will alter our students’ work
experience for the better. DeMont aspires to pave a promising career pathway for all those who walk
through the doors of the institution with the desire to learn and grow.