5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Career

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Majority considers career or work as one of the main priorities in life and getting stuck in a wrong job can be frustrating and can impact the personal life as well. Choosing the correct career is very important as it marks the first step towards the professional life. Sadly, survey shows that only less than 50% of U.S. workers feel that they are in good jobs, that shows more than half U.S. workers are unhappy in their jobs. Indeed’s latest ‘Work Happiness Score’ survey has found that three fourth of UK workers are not happy in their jobs most of the time. The reasons behind such statistics are many but a study published in Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies, showed that employees who make the right career choice are more likely to be satisfied with their job. Appropriate career choices and job satisfaction have major health effects on a person’s wellbeing.


Job expectations

Making a major career change or choosing a career is a huge professional and personal decision According to 2022 statistics, only 21% of college graduates pursue a career based on their qualifications and 39% of the people consider changing their careers based on salaries. Additionally, 70% of the workforce is actively looking for a career change. Due to several factors a constant need for career change is observed and some of the job expectations include the following:


Work-life balance plays a major role when choosing a career. Survey done on the impact of 2020 shows that work from home has increased overall global job satisfaction and Owl Lab’s 2020 State of Remote Work Survey Report revealed that work from home has become a requirement for work happiness for a significant portion of the workforce. The survey also uncovered that 46% of professionals surveyed would seek out a new position if current employers demanded a full return to the office. As the job expectations are changing, the need for career change is also observed worldwide.


Factors Affecting Career Choice:

While key factors while choosing a career may vary from person to person, following are a few basic reasons for professionals to seek new job opportunities:



5 Steps Assess Career Possibilities:

Knowing the above factors alone cannot make the process easy. Many times, it is stressful to choose the perfect career, but the process can be simplified by following certain steps.




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