5 Ways To Upscale Your Skills To Climb Up That Corporate Ladder


We all know that learning, unlearin, relearning and adapting is an integral part of professional growth. With the business landscape constantly evolving, even those who are experts in the field need to update their skills and replace older values with new ones, keeping the best interest of business in mind. So, here are some easy ways to upscale your skills that are guaranteed to help you climb up the corporate ladder and become a better leader

1. Attend workshops and professional development training

The best way to learn a skill is to learn it. Institutions that offer short-term courses and training programs often revise their training material on a regular basis to suit market requirements and industry demands. Enrolling for such programmes or attending workshops will help you acquire new skills under the supervision of experts and market researchers, who will be able to clarify doubts, guide professionals in the right direction and further pave the way for professionals to excel in their careers.


There is a book for each profession and expertise that exists in the market and reading is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge. Budding investors often turn to books authored by Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet. Life Coaching and management books like the Blue Ocean Strategy are a good place to start for new team leads and managers. Reading material and scholarly articles are an efficient way to upskill, on the go.


We live in the day and age where absolutely any skill can be acquired and mastered via the internet. Evan Spiegel, the owner of the social media application- Snapchat, learnt coding from scratch during the after hours of his 9-5 job and is now the owner of an app that generates a revenue of 2.5 billion USD.

It is extremely easy for just anybody with a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone to simply get on to a search engine and commence research on a topic of their interest. Material is available in varying formats, from text, to infographics, to videos and audio. For a professional striving to climb up the corporate ladder, there isn’t an easier way than to take some time out in the day and conduct further research into the field of their interest.

Practice trial & error

Of course, what is learnt has to be put into practice to understand whether the acquired knowledge and skill adds value to one’s professional role. It is not mandatory that all the best practices that one learns about will work in the favour of their business model and management structure.

Upon learning, professionals must therefore try and apply their theoretical knowledge and newly acquired skills to gain a deeper insight into which of the practices will, in fact, help them contribute towards the growth of the business and in turn their growth within the company.


Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker had said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Apart from Jim, multiple experts and life coaches have concluded that a person’s social circle ranks high in determining their progress in life. Therefore, to become an expert on a matter it is advisable to network with those who are experts on the matter. Expansion of social circle to include those who will fuel your personal and intellectual growth is bound to do wonders for your professional growth.DeMont Institute of Management and Technology is one such institution that constantly revises its course material to match market demands. DeMont sees to it that each of its programmes features study material and training on best practices, updated technology and the most efficient methodologies of practice for professionals in the field of Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Healthcare and more.

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