Celebrating Pinktober at DeMont Institute

October 31st, 2023 marked a significant and empowering day at the DeMont Institute of Management and Technology as students came together to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with enthusiasm and dedication. The campus was adorned in shades of pink, symbolizing unity in the fight against breast cancer, as students engaged in a series of activities designed to raise awareness and educate the community about this prevalent health issue.

One of the standout features of the day was the Model Making and Crafting Accessories competition, where students showcased their creativity while keeping the Pinktober theme in mind. These activities not only provided DeMont students a platform for artistic expressions but also instilled a sense of awareness among them. The creativity on display was a testament to the student’s commitment to spreading a vital message through their unique talents.

To complement the creative endeavors, an enlightening panel discussion featuring distinguished guests was organized. The three esteemed panelists, Dr. Shital Vaidya, a highly experienced OB-GYN specializing in diagnosing and treating breast cancer; Gloria Halim, a brave breast cancer warrior and health practitioner; and Umaima Tinwala, another inspiring breast cancer survivor, shared their insights and knowledge with the attentive audience.

  • Dr. Shital Vaidya’s expertise enlightened the audience about the medical aspects of breast cancer, covering topics ranging from early detection to treatment options. Her 22 years of experience added a depth of understanding to the discussion, offering valuable information to students.
  • Gloria Halim and Umaima Tinwala brought a personal touch to the panel, sharing their courageous journeys as breast cancer warriors. Their narratives emphasized the importance of resilience, support, and early detection in the battle against breast cancer. The panel discussion served as a platform for students to gain a holistic understanding of the causes, prevention, and the emotional aspect of dealing with this disease.

The event did not conclude with the informative panels alone rather students were treated to an array of vibrant performances. Music bands, dance routines, and toastmasters speeches entertained and engaged the audience, adding a touch of celebration to the serious subject at hand. The diversity of talent on display showcased the unity and strength of our student community in their collective commitment to breast cancer awareness.

As the event reached its culmination, the winners of the Model Making and Crafting Accessories competitions were announced. The acknowledgment of creativity and dedication added an element of competition to the event, further motivating students to actively participate in initiatives aimed at raising awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the DeMont Institute of Management and Technology was a vibrant, educational, and empowering experience. The combination of creative competitions, an enlightening panel discussion, and captivating performances highlighted the multifaceted approach taken by the students to address the issue of breast cancer. This celebration of Pinktober not only raised awareness but also inspired a sense of unity, compassion, and determination among our students.

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