Why Is Dubai The Best Place To Live, Work And Study

Why Is Dubai The Best Place To Live, Work And Study

Are you looking for a place to live, work and study that offers the best of everything? Look no further than Dubai! This incredible city has something for everyone, from world-class infrastructure to a diverse and inclusive culture that values individuality and freedom.

Here are just a few reasons why Dubai should be at the top of your list:

1. Dubai – World’s Best Cities to Live – Ranked #2

Dubai is considered one of the best locations to work and live in. UAE as a country is highly invested on its innovation, great infrastructure and quality of life creating it an attractive destination for professionals as well as for job seekers. Most of the population in the UAE is consist of expats. Recent Forbes publications show that according to the “Expat City Ranking 2022 by InterNations”, Dubai ranked as the 2nd in the list of world’s best cities to live.

2. Freedom & Fun – Live the life as you desire!

There is a common misconception that “It’s hard to live in Dubai”. But the reality is that living in Dubai is fun and adventurous. Dubai has something for everyone! It is a hotspot for leisure pursuits in addition to world-class dining, shopping, entertainment, and sporting venues. These dynamic attractions are rising continuously creating great experiences which can be enjoyed and explored by anyone of any age. Anyone can do what they desire in this city and enjoy the freedom while living the life they desire.

3. Why fit in when you can Stand Out? 

Dubai is renowned for its friendly hospitality and the blend of cultures that accepts and values diversity and inclusion. Various nationalities working and thriving together in harmony and peace creating a global community where everyone can be a part of.  Dubai holds 80th position in the safety index and is considered one of the safest cities in the world to live in.  It’s also another reason many millennials and younger generations aspire to come to Dubai.

4.  Say Goodbye to Tax, it’s time to have some fun!

Dubai is the city of dreams, the luxury, and charms. There is no income tax which allows anyone who work and earn in Dubai to enjoy the indulgence of all your earnings. City calls to live up to the high standard of living that everyone along with advanced technologies and a holistic and smooth administrative structure.

5. Study at the worldclass Institutions, locally? No Globally!

The higher education is significantly affordable. With access to many worldclass educational institutions that provides accredited and high-quality education, Dubai has got you covered for all your education requirements. Starting from primary school up to higher education all options come from both local and international governing bodies. Studying in Dubai is a holistic learning experience which will continue towards a great career in the long run.

6. Jobs? What’s your favourite Field?

Yeah, you heard it right. Dubai has got you once again, Dubai city is an emerging industrial giant who is constantly in lookout for the ways to further strengthen their economic stance. Whist the “trade” remains as the core contributor for the economy of Dubai, it was noticed that the non-oil economic sectors have emerged and performed much better during the 1st quarter of year 2023. The GDP growth in the 2022 was 7.6% and with a projected GDP growth of 4.2% in year 2023, the sectors such as real state, hospitality, tourism and travel, e-commerce solutions, constructions are in a greater boom awaiting to contribute further to this.

Firms are growing and expanding thanks to generous support and the backing from the UAE government. There are multiple schemes, national programs, relief systems placed by the government to support the businesses. This has caught the eye and interest of many local, multinational companies, and industry giants across the globe to invest and / or establish in the region opening multiple employment opportunities.  The unemployment rate in the region has decreased since 2020 and currently is approximately 3.0 %. Dubai’s combination of excellent quality of life, progressive policies, and abundant career and education prospects make it the perfect destination for those looking for a dynamic and enriching experience. It is no wonder that Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations for people from all walks of life.

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