Its 2022 And You NEED To Upskill – Here is Why

The fact that technological advancements are transforming the world of business by the minute, is no secret. In the 1950s, at the time when computers were being introduced into the workplace, it proved to be a challenge for the older generations to keep up with the younger employees walking into work with ample knowledge of computers.

Technology has since been far more advanced and is progressing faster than ever. Businesses have been pushed into adapting to the culture of digitalisation and other trends, in an effort to keep afloat. Knowledge of updated technology, market trends, best practice and the ability to adapt at an efficient rate now, are all features that have become essential to the hiring process across firms.

Yet another widely practiced work culture is that of on-the-job training (OJT). OJTs serve as a means to fill the gap in knowledge among employees of a firm in relation to technological adaptation and automations. This specific culture speaks volumes about the firm’s interest in employing and retaining employees that showcase keen interest in learning about new business trends and practices that can take businesses to new heights.

While most organisations, currently, are deploying their resources to provide OJTs for the purpose of upskilling employees, it is mostly aimed towards training the masses rather than individuals and the training programs have a time constraint attached to them which pushes the employees to overlook their learning curve and catch up as per the organisation’s expectations. This may result in leaving a lot of gaps in one’s personal growth and development due to lack of access to the best way of acquiring knowledge that can be further applied to excel at any position. This is when it becomes imperative to take personal responsibility to upgrade one’s skill set in order to match company expectations. It therefore, becomes essential for any employee, irrespective of their field of business or position to take the initiative and increase their market value. Here is how upscaling helps employees:

Retain their jobs

The core nature of a business persists to center around hiring performing employees and retaining them. If a firm believes that its resources are being inefficiently used towards accommodating a non-performing employee or someone whose contributions have been lower than company investment, it is likely that the individual will find him/herself under fire from the management, until eventually losing out on the job. Persistence in remaining profitable to the firm comes from adapting, adjusting and using the changes at work yield the best results. As long as an employee seems to be fulfilling company expectations, firms refrain from investing extra capital into hiring a new employee to make up for the gap in performance or replace the current employee.

Climb up the business ladder

Upscaling not only helps fill the gaps in current knowledge but also introduces new information in sync with the current business trends. This gives employees an upper hand in comparison to their colleagues, which in turns helps them perform at a higher more efficient level. When an employee starts to exceed company expectations, management is sure to take notice. This puts employees in a position to expect career progressions within the firm.

Apply for a dream job/to a firm of one’s liking

An office is once such a place where a person spends the majority of their days. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an employee to want to work for a different company that offers better employee benefits or switch jobs. One may be a senior sales executive with the passion for advertising. Pursuing a skill development course in sales and marketing may then enable them to approach their current management to give them an opportunity in a different department or apply to a different organisation where their contributions may add value and their passion be fueled.

Personal growth and development

Upscaling one’s skill set while adding value to professional life, also facilitates personal growth. “Knowledge itself is power” said Sir Francis Bacon, the Former Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. A professional equipped with the knowledge and talent exceeding their job roles and company expectations also develops confidence, encouraging one to do better and achieve more. Every successful day at the job leads to a feeling of accomplishment and productivity. When humans are acknowledged for doing a job well done, they tend to do more and are proven to lead happier lives.

Transform into an innovator

This transformation is a result of the aforementioned factors. When a professional is retained, promoted, appreciated and driven, s/he is motivated to do more. The will to do better encourages one to continuously try to suggest new ideas, a more efficient way of doing something, introducing automations and watch their efforts yield benefits for themselves as well as the firm.

DeMont Institute of Management & Technology is one such accredited and acclaimed institution that provides professional certifications in the field of Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Project Management among other certifications such as Certified Team Lead Training and Certified Manager Training. These certifications are proposed to help professionals upskill and achieve higher feats in their respective careers.

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