There Are Almost 79 Institutes in the UAE. Why DeMont?

There are certain scales upon which a good institute is measured. Some of those features are credibility, reputation, quality of education, weightage of the certifications received and overall educational experience.

DeMont Institute of Management and Technology not only ticks all of those criterias but has so much more to offer. To begin with, the institute is located in the academic hub of Dubai: the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), providing students with the best, state of the art educational facilities and exposing them to the international students’ culture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

However, there is something about DeMont that isn’t quite common among institutes: A pathway that it paves for its students to apply for higher education abroad. Rarely does a management institute go the extra mile to assure WES approved certifications for its students. This is where DeMont stands apart from its competitors. Each of DeMont’s certifications and degrees are WES approved for migration.

What is WES, and why do you need it to pursue higher education abroad?

WES stands for “World Education Service”. WES provides its services to international students who look forward to applying for higher education and career opportunities in the US and Canada by assisting them with evaluating the students’ educational qualifications. During the evaluation, credentials are assessed on the basis of the education system of a country, the reputation of the educational institution, the programme, curriculum, and the further extent of the students’ efforts to meet university/college requirements of enrolment.

Once degrees and certificates have received WES approval, it becomes significantly easy for aspiring students to travel for higher education and/or to work abroad.

As helpful and essential as it is, the procedure to apply for WES approval may be an arduous and lengthy task. Getting WES approval may also involve incurring extra costs. Students are only eligible to apply for WES evaluation once other documents of theirs have been verified. After the verification of the documents, acquiring WES approval takes an estimate of 7 to 8 business days. Often, students who are applying for WES approval for the first time may struggle to meet all criterias and provide with the necessary documentation without help from an experienced professional or the support of someone who has previously applied for WES evaluation.

Receiving a degree or certificate that has been pre-approved by WES eases the application process for students and gives them the confidence to apply for higher education abroad, without hesitation.

DeMont Institute of Management and Technology caters to the educational and professional needs of the students beyond the doors of the institution. It promises not only an exceptional educational experience with a strong infrastructure but also a hopeful future ahead.

The institution is currently offering professional certifications, in collaboration with Chartered Management Institute (CMI) for professional development. The courses offered by DeMont include Certified Manager, Certified Team Lead, Healthcare Management Professional, Supply Chain Management Practitioner, Strategic Human Resource Management Practitioner, Project Management Practitioner, and Sales and Marketing Professional.

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