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DeMont has just launched an exclusive program for high school students in the UAE!
DeMont is changing the way education is perceived. Pairing quality education with workshops and training, we pave the way for individuals to succeed. Every student who walks into our institute is able to get an inch closer to the goals that they had set out to achieve. But we decided to take it a step further
In the current unpredictable business climate, it has become more critical that people around you see you as a leader. Companies know that long-term success requires visionary leaders to drive long-term success.
This is why DeMont decided to launch DeLEAD for high school students. This program will strengthen their knowledge and soft skills that would enable them to pursue a full-fledged course in their field of interest and pave a promising career pathway. It is a platform that brings together young smart minds from every nook and corner of the country to become a part of a four-day immersive program.

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    Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

    About the Program

    It is never too early or late to learn invaluable leadership skills. The current pandemic was a reminder that challenges can arise at any time and to be an effective leader, you must respond to those challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise. DeLEAD is a highly personalized program that focuses on topics to help students develop the required skills and confidence to become Transformational Leaders.
    The topics that will be covered in the four-day programs are Tapping into a Leadership Mindset, Rewiring Entrepreneurial Mindset, Discovering your X-Factor, and Digital Transformation by some of the brightest minds in the industry; providing students with a platform to network and learn from the game-changers themselves. These industry experts will help students identify themselves as leaders, think big, and develop real-world skills through practice. There are countless benefits to attending this program. We understand that the responsibility of creating the leaders of tomorrow lies with the leaders of today. Sign up for the program today and embark on a journey of becoming an effective Leader.
    Tapping into a Leadership Mindset
    Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads? or maybe you’re questioning yourself and finding it hard to make a decision? We’ve all been there. But you don’t have to stay there.
    Your ability to move forwards depends on taking control and believing in yourself. his starts with a leadership mindset. Having the right mindset is key for anyone to become a leader. How a person reacts to any circumstances and acts promptly is all determined by their mindset. You may be wondering how does one go about achieving a leadership mindset and whether it is possible for everyone? Yes, it is possible and it’s easier than you think.
    Tapping into a Leadership Mindset is fully dedicated to helping you develop a leadership mindset and make a positive impact. This topic is aimed at helping individuals realize their goals, develop new skills, and adopt the attitude required to achieve a leadership mindset. Whatever your vision for your future might be, DeMont will help you get there.

    Rewiring Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Successful business owners often share similar characteristics – things like fearlessness, thinking outside of the box, willingness to fail, and drive to succeed. While some of us are born with these entrepreneurial instincts, some have to acquire these skills. A study in neuroscience has shown that conscious habits and mindfulness training can help “rewire our mindset” to help you reach success in the world of entrepreneurship.
    An entrepreneurial mindset is critical to being a successful entrepreneur. Rewiring Entrepreneurial Mindset provides students with the attributes and perspectives of an entrepreneurial mindset, and the process to acquire one. This topic will introduce concepts that will enable individuals to start a transformative process toward building an entrepreneurial mindset.
    The idea of rewiring your mindset to enhance your entrepreneurial skills is an exciting possibility not only for students of this program, but also for their families, and community. The key is consistency, so place your trust in DeMont and see what happens.

    Discovering your X-Factor

    When you’re applying for your dream university, you’re going to go head-to-head with all types of students with good grades like yours. How do you differentiate yourself from them? What you need to do is find within yourself the special skillsets you have to offer and use it to your advantage. Simply speaking, your USP is your X-factor — it’s what sets you apart from everyone else. However, it is not something that is easily condensable to a number or a score. Most often than not, you will have to go to extreme lengths to successfully communicate your X-Factor.
    But the big question is, how does one find their X-Factor? This is where DeMont can help you. The topic “Discovering your X-Factor” is aimed at giving you a learning experience that helps you identify the skills you possess and truly make your X-Factor Special. This topic will help you gain a better understanding of your personality and use it to your strengths while turning your weaknesses into opportunities. Not only will you be able to improve your self-awareness but also gain an added advantage that will help you succeed in universities and workplaces.

    Digital Transformation

    We’ve seen the Digital world change quite a bit. So how do you upskill yourself to stay ahead in the digital age? The digital revolution has touched every aspect of our lives. Estimates have shown that there are more than 3.5 billion people with access to the internet and more than half of them use a smartphone to stay connected. This level of connectivity has influenced the way we engage with other people and see the world around us.
    Get ahead of this change by exploring the Digital Transformation topic that will help you stay relevant in the digital world. This topic will teach you the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to understand data, harness digital disruption, innovate and most importantly, prepare yourself for a digital future that is happening now.
    Register now to ensure you don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. And as an added benefit, students with 80% or higher attendance will
    receive a certificate of participation. Join DeMont’s DeLEAD program and start your journey towards success today!

    DeMont Leadership Entrepreneurship Accelerate Digital - Toolkit
    (DeLEAD) Program Speakers Profile

    Cheryl J. Thornton

    Deputy Chair, Middle East Advisory Committee at Australian Institute of Company Directors

    Topic: Tapping into a Leadership Mindset

    Cheryl J. Thornton

    Cheryl is a C-Suite leader with multi-sector experience and more than 25 years working in the education, not-for-profit, retail, real estate, banking, investment, and aviation sectors. She has worked across several jurisdictions including UK, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa.

    Presently Cheryl is working in the banking sector as the Head of Transformation leading people strategies for growth, change management, culture, and technology transformations.

    Cheryl has an MBA and Bachelor of Adult Education from the University of New England, Australia. Her professional qualifications include Fellows with the Chartered Management Institute; CIPD UK; Australian Human Resource Institute; Institute of Management & Leaders UK; and Learning and Performance Institute UK.

    Cheryl is active in the international and local communities. She is a reputed Adjunct Lecturer and Assessor with the PwC Academy Middle East, an Assessor with the Dubai Quality Group and a Mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation and Al Ghurair Foundation for Education. Cheryl is a Panel Judge for the prestigious Emirates Women’s Awards; MEED Gulf SME Awards; CIPD People Awards and Future Workplace Awards.

    Cheryl is also an experienced international Board member past and present with several not-for-profit organizations in the sectors of education; people of determination; technology and social impact initiatives.

    Cheryl comes from Australia, is married, and has one son. She has lived in the UAE since 2005 and is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Georgina Kelly

    Business Coach | Sales Trainer | Brand Consultant | Author

    Topic: Rewiring Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Georgina Kelly

    Georgina was born in Ireland, worked in London for over 20 years and relocated to Dubai in 2002 just as it was going through enormous growth and change. Georgina is a Partner at Creative Intelligence, a strategic Brand & Communications company located in Dubai and is responsible for Business Development in the Middle East region.

    With a business career spanning over 30 years, there isn’t much that Georgina hasn’t experienced, from recessions and rejections to global downturns and pandemics. Georgina is Joint Founding Partner of RAK Business Group, a growing business network located in the Northern Emirates with over 1000 members.

    She uses her 30 years + knowledge and experience in branding, sales, and communications to provide Custom Made training on Sales and Customer Service. She shares wise strategies as a Business Mentor to entrepreneurs who need help with starting and growing a business and acts as a sounding board for seasoned professionals who want to explore innovative ideas in a confidential environment.

    Georgina is a regular speaker at Universities in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, addressing students on a wide range of topics to do with business. And is a popular speaker at various events and webinars.

    Sometimes her clients are just stuck and want to get rid of the glue that is holding them back, and some have hit a brick wall and need help to create new pathways. Others have a great idea but no business experience and need a safe pair of hands to help them get going.

    Georgina is an avid gardener and early riser; she loves her early morning cup of tea listening to bird-song in her garden. She enjoys reading actual books, travelling, and experiencing new cultures and their cuisines.

    Has co-authored a book launched in March 2022 called Who Moved my Heels. Her story is about lessons learned in life and business.

    Polly Shepherd

    ICF certified Life and Empowerment Coach

    Topic:Discovering your X-Factor

    Jimmy Thatcher

    Polly Shepherd is an ICF certified Life and Empowerment Coach and has a Foundation in Psychotherapy Counselling from Regent's University, London. She has been on her own journey with mental health, through years of therapy and exploration to help understand processes and how she helps, and hinders, others!

    She’s worked with multiple clients to achieve their goals and witnessed first-hand the incredible work that goes into making personal change. As a coach, she believes you have all the ability to do this yourself, but sometimes you need some accountability, some guidance, and some reminding of that strength within yourself. She works with clients on any number of challenges, from confidence and career goals to relationships, stress, and communication.

    Ali Khwaja

    Digital Transformation at Horizontal

    Topic: Digital Transformationt

    Ali Khwaja

    Ali has been working in technology for the last 14 years, and has worked across the spectrum from system admin roles to driving digital transformation initiatives company wide. For most of his career, he has been client side working with experts to help them implement grand visions. Ali has been involved in financial analysis, M&A due diligence, process improvement, lean implementations and so many other digital transformations based activities.

    Kate Hellewell-Sykes

    Career Coach at LHH

    Topic: Rewiring Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Kate Hellewell-Sykes

    Kate has almost 20 years of experience working in Human Resources in a range of management, advisory, and leadership roles for multinational companies in the UK, and the Middle East. She has been coaching managers and leaders for several years across the globe, supporting them to be the best version of themselves, to achieve optimum results for themself and/or the organization for which they work. As a result of her experience, she can combine her corporate experience, active listening, cultural awareness, and deep respect for the unique nature of each person, in her coaching style. She is creative and pragmatic, enabling her to adapt her style to suit the circumstances.

    Mustafa Alhaffar

    Senior Business Development Manager at Odoo

    Topic: Digital Transformation

    Mustafa Alhaffar

    Mustafa is a seasoned Business Development Advisor specializing in digital transformation. With a strong focus on helping companies embrace digital technologies, he brings extensive expertise in guiding organizations through successful digital transformation journeys. His passion lies in assisting businesses to optimize their processes and operations through the strategic implementation of digital tools and technologies. With a proven track record of driving successful digital transformation initiatives, Mustafa is committed to empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era.

    Sabine Karunanithy

    Co- Founder and Director at Transform HCM

    Topic: Rewiring Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Sabine Karunanithy

    Sabine has a Bachelor degree in International Business and Management, and a Master degree in Human Resource Management. She studied Change Management and Business Coaching, and holds various certificates in Coaching, NLP, and Emotional Intelligence. Her studies and career took her to Europe, South Korea, China, and the UAE.  Sabine worked internationally for 12 years in several startups in close cooperation with the founders and C-Level Management to create and improve HR processes. In 2022 Sabine co-founded the consultancy practice TransformHCM and has since been involved in Culture Renovation projects and Change Management projects with international companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She is a trainer, facilitator, coach, and speaker.

    Sanae Ouomar

    Executive Leadership Coach | Strategy & Management Consultant

    Topic: Tapping into a Leadership Mindset

    Sanae Ouomar

    Certified Executive Leadership Coach and business consultant with several years of leadership experience and a multicultural perspective. Sanae work with individuals and teams in discovering and fulfilling what is meaningful for them and the Organizations they work for. Her coaching has been deeply shaped by 17 years spent working in multicultural global organizations, in north Africa, Europe and GCC region by a wide range of corporate fields She has worked in, as executive coach,  business consultancy and program management. She is comfortable navigating both technical and nontechnical environments and enjoy coaching emerging leaders and executives alike. Sanae is a certified Leadership and Executive Coach by the Leadership Circle, Co-active Coaching Institute, and International Coaching Federation. (CPCC, PCC, Leadership circle practitioner, Positive Psychology practitioner)

    Suhayb Mahmood

    Strategic Business Agility Coach | Speaker | Lecturer | Instructor

    Topic: Discovering your X-Factor

    Suhayb Mahmood

    Suhayb is an international multi award-winning business coach, consultant and trainer who was executed some of the world’s largest transformation programs as well as training, coaching thousands of individuals to have more prosperous and enthralling lives.

    He has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from turbo charging start-up companies to optimizing the largest organizations in the world. Suhayb brings an energetic and engaging coaching style that will “keep you coming back for some more”.