CMI Certified

Healthcare Management Professional
Gain professional skills required to become a healthcare expert
in 7 weeks

Chartered Management Institute , UK

This professional program offered by DeMont is a two months’ course designed to empower professionals in their field of expertise by attaining a certificate of ‘Certified Healthcare Management Professional’ from Chartered Management Institute, UK.

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        7 weeks

        Course Level
        Course Delivery


        Programme Overview

        The program aims at instilling core skills that healthcare workers need to better manage projects and operations in the field of healthcare. The program also aims to develop leaders who will help healthcare organizations provide the best possible care for their patients.

        Key Features

        • Recognize the various types of healthcare settings
        • Examine critical topics in healthcare administration
        • Learn and practice the core theories of Ethics, cost management, quality audits, processes, and quality control
        • Examine the stages of project management in the healthcare industry
        • Analyze healthcare projects from initiation till closing
        • Understand how to manage healthcare stakeholders
        • Use strategic planning and implementation to your advantage
        • Learn to apply management information systems
        • Develop critical decision-making skills
        • Examine how artificial intelligence is used in healthcare administration
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          Top Skills you will Learn

          • Strategic planning and decision-making
          • Quality assurance and performance improvement
          • Project planning and execution
          • Resource allocation and management

          Job Opportunities

          • Project Health Manager
          • Consulting healthcare administrator
          • Healthcare quality improvement manager
          • Hospice Administrator
          • Health Care Clinic Manager
          • Home Health Care Administrator

          Who Is This Programme for?

          Healthcare practitioners, small-scale clinic and pharmacy owners, associates in the business arena of medial fields who aspire to grow in their careers

          Minimum Eligibility

          A Bachelor’s Degree with relevant work experience in a specific field of Business

          Certified Healthcare Management Professional

          The Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

          The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) collaborates with businesses and educational organisations to empower professionals by enhancing their skills, encouraging a confident professional approach to the career of students, and helping shape successful managers and leaders.

          CMI is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards of management and leadership excellence.

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