Certified Sales and Marketing Professional

Chartered Management Institute , UK

This professional program offered by DeMont is a two months’ course designed to empower professionals in their field of expertise by attaining a certificate of ‘Certified Sales and Marketing Professional’ from Chartered Management Institute, UK.

Programme Overview

The aim of the course is to cover key concepts of sales and marketing. It is designed to give learners an opportunity to dive deep and understand the purpose, roles, trends and best practices of sales and marketing from a professional perspective.

Key Features

  • Acquire core knowledge of sales and marketing
  • Practice and attain basic sales techniques
  • Understand the role of a professional sales consultant
  • Learn to practically apply program skills
  • Learn about the theory of marketing cycles
  • Practice the art of persuasion and influencing
  • Acquire ability to use tools and techniques of strategic marketing
  • Determine the components of a successful marketing strategy and implement the marketing mix
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    Top Skills you will Learn

    • Market Research
    • User Design
    • Analytics
    • Engagement & Growth
    • Product Development and Planning

    Job Opportunities

    • Sales Team Lead
    • Marketing Team Lead
    • Junior Sales Manager
    • Junior Marketing
    • Manager
    • Senior Sales Manager
    • Senior Marketing Manager

    Who Is This Programme for?

    Sales and Marketing associates who aspire to grow in their careers

    Minimum Eligibility

    High school graduation and 3+ Years of experience in a specific field of business

    Certified Sales and Marketing Professional

    The Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

    The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) collaborates with businesses and educational organisations to empower professionals by enhancing their skills, encouraging a confident professional approach to the career of students, and helping shape successful managers and leaders.

    CMI is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards of management and leadership excellence.

      Certified Sales and Marketing Professional

      Certified Sales and Marketing Professional