Higher National Diploma International in Computing


At the introductory stages of the students’ journey toward a promising career, the HND in Computing is a doorway to specialised higher education that helps students acquire theoretical knowledge and incorporates practical application of theory.


24 Months

Course Level

Level 5





Programme Overview

This Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing offered by DeMont Institute of Management and Technology in collaboration with Pearson, is an L4 and L5 qualification that makes up to 240 credits and is taught across a period of 2 years.

The programme practices instillation of cognitive skills and applied skills with the aim of creating a talent pool that is ready to further advance their educational journey into specialities within the field of Computing. The qualifications acquired in this programme seek to improve the individual’s career opportunities and increase access to higher education.

Key Features

  • Provides a strong academic foundation in the field of computing
  • Serves as a doorway into future higher education opportunities
  • BTEC Pearson Certification offers UK quality of education
  • Students who attain this certification can directly enrol in to the third year of a bachelor’s programme in line with the field of study, giving them an upper hand over fellow competitor


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    Top Skills you will Learn

    The HND in Computing offers an in-depth and detailed insight into various aspects of the computing world, including but not limited to – networking, database, cyber security, and programming. It aims to cover vast topics within the Information and Technology (IT) sector that would strengthen the core knowledge of students who are starting out in their higher education journey and look forward to a promising career.

    Job Opportunities

    •  Information Technology (IT)
    • Business Analyst
    • Web Developer
    • Systems Engineer
    • Networking Officer
    • Programmer
    • Cyber Security Associate

    Who Is This Programme for?

    The Programme is designed for students pursuing higher education and careers in the field of computing. The completion of HND in computing can lead to a third-year bachelor’s degree.

    Minimum Eligibility

    Students pursuing HND in Computing must have graduated from high school.

    Higher National Diploma in Computing

    Awarding Body :  Pearson

    Pearson Education is a British-owned educational publishing and appraisal service for educational institutions and corporations, as for students directly. It integrates world-class educational content and evaluation, driven by services and technology, to allow more efficient teaching and customized learning. Their mission is to have a direct partnership with millions of lifelong learners and to link education to the way people aspire to live and work each day. They assume that wherever learning flourishes, people do as well.

    Core Modules

    Module Name Credit
    Programming 15
    Networking 15
    Professional Practice 15
    Database Design and Development 15
    Security 15
    Planning a Computing Project 15
    Software Development Lifecycles 15
    Website Design and Development 15
    Cloud Computing 15
    Internet of Things 15
    Emerging technologies 15
    Computing Research Project 15
    Business Process Support 15
    Operating Systems 15
    E-Commerce & Strategy 15

    Key Learnings:

    • Establish a foundation in the study of computing.
    • Understand insights into international computing operations, opportunities, and challenges presented by a globalized market.
    • Explore multiple verticals of the computing industry
    • Develop knowledge on vast topics such as Forensic, E-Commerce, Cyber Security and Cryptography.
    • Grasp the ability to perform at various roles in the computing industry.

    Progression and Further Study Opportunities

    An HND can be a valuable asset for your career. Employers appreciate the practical training and workplace experience that it provides, which can help you develop a portfolio of work directly related to your field.

    Additionally, an HND can provide opportunities to explore new career paths or further your education. With an HND, you could pursue higher education such as a bachelor’s degree, postgraduate study, or professional qualifications. It’s worth considering how an HND could enhance your career prospects and personal growth. Your HND is a stepping stone to a number of options:

    • Topping up to an honours degree. Topping up is a great option if you want to build on your existing degree and specialize in a particular field. This can help you stand out to potential employers and advance your career.
    • Transferring to an honours degree course in a different subject. Transferring to a different subject can also be an excellent choice if you want to explore a new area of interest or pursue a career change. It’s worth considering these options and exploring the possibilities that an honors degree can offer for your personal and professional growth.

    Once you’ve completed the Pearson BTEC Level 4 & 5 Higher National Diploma, you have an excellent opportunity to further your education by progressing onto degree top-up programs at various higher education providers, including top universities in the UK and Middle East such as:

    • Westford University College
    • Heriot-Watt University, Dubai
    • Middlesex University Dubai
    • Northwestern University in Qatar
    • University College London Qatar
    • American University Dubai
    • University of Birmingham Dubai
    • Effat University
    • Amity University Dubai
    • Michigan State University
    • New York University Abu Dhabi
    • University of Wollongong Dubai
    • London Metropolitan University
    • University of Hertfordshire
    • De Montfort University
    • University of Portsmouth
    • The Open University

    If you’re looking to gain a degree, a Higher National Diploma can be an excellent way to get started. It can serve as a stepping stone to university, allowing you to join the final year of a degree program after completing your HND. Additionally, the HND can also prepare you for a career, as the course provides learners with practical and relevant career-related opportunities. Many students have found that having an HND leads to increased pay and better promotion prospects due to the professional focus of the program. Whether you’re interested in pursuing higher education or starting your career, an HND can offer valuable benefits and help you achieve your goals.

    Note: The list of universities presented above has been sourced from Pearson website. For a comprehensive list of available university options, we recommend referring to their official site.

      Higher National Diploma International in Computing

      Higher National Diploma International in Computing