Refund Policy

Refund Eligibility:

  • If a student withdraws within 10 days of registration, they will receive an 80% refund. This implies that the client will get a refund of 80% of the entire amount paid at registration, with the remaining 20% held as a processing charge or non-refundable deposit.
  • If a student withdraws after the first 10 days after registration but before the 20th day of registration, they will receive a 50% refund.
  • Withdrawals or cancellations received after 20 days until the 30th day of registration are eligible for a 25% refund.
  • If the student wishes to withdraw on the day the classes commence or after, no refund is applicable.


Refund Process:

  1. All students should notify their Course Administrator/Course Advisor of their decision to withdraw from a course through email, along with the applicable reasons and documentation, if any.
  2. Each refund application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, considering the circumstances and adherence to the outlined policies. Our university reserves the right to approve or deny refund requests at its sole discretion.
  3. Approved Refunds will be processed via bank transfer/cash. Refunds will be processed within 30 days from the date of approval of the request.