DeMont Student’s Industrial Visit to Al Rawabi

DeMont Institute of Management and Technology arranged an academic field trip to Al Rawabi Farm for its students. The visit gave our students an idea about the role of technology in running a successful business. For instance, the shade installed for the cows was equipped with the latest technology. To monitor the cows, they have at present 25 veterinarians and 13 assistants with them. 

During the visit, our students observed various management skills adopted at Al Rawabi such as:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership skills 
  • Organizational skills 

Apart from the above, our students also gained knowledge related exactly to the farm industry such as:

  • Understanding of animal welfare and health issue
  • Pasture management
  • Farm industry Standards and safe farming practices

In the end, our learners had a small question and answer round with the employee of the company. The session was handled efficiently by the respective person in charge from Al Rawabi. During this session, it was shared with us that robots are used for packaging as the packaging process is fully automated. The fruits for the juices come from different countries like India & Pakistan (Mango), Orange (USA), and New Zealand (Apple), etc. The whole industrial plant is under sanitization every day from 2 – 4 AM. This statement compelled our learners to imagine the hard work required by the employees working in the industry. 

The field trip proved to be valuable for our students as it offered them exposure to real-world experiences, reinforcement of classroom lectures, and encouraged students to have curious minds. Our students got to learn about the different functional areas including production, operations, quality control, marketing, distribution, etc. Having the opportunity to experience business operations in real-time has significantly enhanced our students learning experience and knowledge. Overall in-depth knowledge has been acquired by our learners with a token of love from Al Rawabi in the form of packed juice and croissant for each visitor while returning from the tour. As a lifetime memory, we clicked the group picture at Al Rawabi.  

Here’s what our students have to say

Aldrin James

Higher National Diploma in International Business, Pearson UK

The industry visit trip to Al Rawabi Farm helped us understand the different aspects of running a diary business. We got to see a live tour of the cows, the poultry feed and their living conditions. The factory manager explained to us how the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and all other process comes together. We were shown how the milk was extracted from the cows and how the company operates and sources its resources. After the tour was over, we were given free samples of Al Rawabi juices and snacks and we had a couple of good photo sessions. I learned from the trip to Al Rawabi how the industrial process of manufacturing takes place and the efficiency of distribution time in a business where the product has a shelf time before hitting the market.

Mustafa Mire

Higher National Diploma in International Business, Pearson UK

One of the most unforgettable days of my life was the Al Rawabi Farm field trip organized by my university. Together with our friends, we learned the process of organizing, planning, leading, and controlling resources for the successful functioning of a business. I would like to thank my university for providing me with an opportunity to visit Al Rawabi Farm which made me realize how organisational structure matters in any business firm. It also tells me ‘’the art of getting people together and working towards a common predefined goal’’ which everyone should strive to do.

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