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DeMont has launched a program to help build students’ capacity in making mindful and intentional choices that will pave the way for individual success and positively foster employment opportunities. We aspire to pave a promising career pathway for all those who walk through the doors of our institution with the desire to learn and grow. But we wanted to create an exceptional learning experience not only for our students but also for aspiring learners in the community. In the world of ever-changing technology, it can be a little intimidating especially if you lack the experience or the knowledge.

Thus, we launched DeCODE, a program that will empower students to become fully engaged by providing transformative educational experiences for students. It would infuse creativity within students and provide them with hands-on exposure to various facets of Computer Science. Having knowledge in this field is considered valuable in all industries with new opportunities constantly emerging as technology continues to be driven forward by the latest innovation. DeCODE aims to introduce the foundation of computer science to students and highlight the pathways available for those who would like to pursue computer science in the future.

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    About the Program

    Equip yourself with digital literacy.

    While most immersive programs are designed for adults looking to change careers, our programs are geared toward students. High school students are now more than ever interested to learn programming languages, building hands-on projects, and preparing for today’s tech industry. We have handpicked some of the trending topics that reflect real technologies and are driving our digital world.

    The topics covered in the four-day programs are Industry 4.0, Artificial IntelligenceCloud Computing, and Data Science. It is a rigorous 4-day experience designed for motivated students who are interested in computer science and wish to gain an excellent understanding of college-level academics. By exploring interesting topics like Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Data Science you will learn and nurture the skills to solve problems with programming and the principles of software development. The program is designed for all students irrespective of their knowledge in the computer field. Make the most of your time at DeMont’s DeCODE program which will help you meet other students with similar interests and stand out within your school community.

    About the Topics

    Session 1 – Industry 4.0: What revolutionized the way companies manufacture, improve, and distribute their products?

    The birth of the “Smart Factory” has pressurized manufacturers to alter their existing processes and digitize their production lines, therefore creating many opportunities, especially for a startup to develop solutions that cater to helping organizations address these problems. This topic will also explore the rise of the smart factory in which cyber-physical systems observe the physical aspects of production and make decentralized decisions in real time. In an effort to educate the students, we at DeMont have decided to help students get a grasp of the recent trends in the manufacturing business during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    What can you expect?

    A complete introduction to Industry 4.0 and how it has revolutionized the way companies improve and distribute their products. The program offers an understanding of the growing trend towards automation and data exchange in technology and processes within the manufacturing industry, including, Big Data and AI analytics, The industrial internet of things (IoT), Cyber-physical systems (CPS), Smart factories, Cloud computing, Cognitive computing, Artificial intelligence, Autonomous robots, and Augmented reality (AR).

    The program will also teach you how to build your first IOT application. You will be a part of a live demonstration that will aid you in building an IOT application and help you explore unlimited opportunities through Industry 4.0.

    Session 2- Artificial Intelligence: How AI is changing the world?

    AI is one of the most in-demand technologies in today’s job market. Artificial intelligence is not just the future – it’s also the present. The world largest’s cooperation use AI to build groundbreaking services and exponentially increase the efficiency of their existing products and services. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world. Hence, learning AI for students has become a necessity. In recent years, many universities have started offering AI programs. But to explore it at the high school level has been challenging for students. The DeCODE program aims to help students get a feel of real-world applications and interact with the leaders in the field before actually deciding on a career pathway.

    What can you expect?

    A complete introduction to the topic by experts in the field who will help you understand the benefits of learning this skill. You will also learn to build and publish your First ChatBot App. Get to explore a world of unlimited opportunities through Artificial Intelligence.

    Session 3 - Cloud Computing: What takes business to new heights and what keeps it running smoothly?

    Cloud computing is the new normal in the business world. Companies are making use of it to increase efficiency and cut down on costs. With more businesses shifting online, cloud computing platforms and professionals are in great demand. Having the right skills and knowledge can help you get a head start in this dynamic industry. Our DeCODE program is designed to help you learn all the fundamentals of cloud computing and help you upskill in the industry. Learn cloud computing from professionals and develop in-demand skills to pursue your dream college or job. Master the Cloud Computing Skill and unlock your potential of succeeding in the global competitive market with DeMont.

    What can you expect?

    A complete introduction to Cloud Computing, different platforms- SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Public, and private cloud, and Scheduling techniques. You will also understand the architecture of cloud computing and the external and internal environment associated with it. Experience the real-life simulation of cloud computing scenarios and unlock a world of possibilities through cloud computing.

    Session 4 - Data Science: How does data really power everything we do?

    Data Science is a collection of techniques motivated to solve real-world problems. There has been technological advancement in a variety of fields ranging from finance to healthcare to academic research. As such, there is a growing need for up-and-coming generations of students to learn how to effectively interact with data. DeCODE aims to bridge the gap and help students build a strong foundation in data science early in their educational life to support progressive proficiency in the same field. Building up statistical foundations together with critical thinking will be the main goal of this session.

    What can you expect?

    A complete introduction to Data Science, its scientific and commercial applications, and the benefits of learning this skill. You will get a deeper understanding of the general process of data science that can be applied to different use cases and why data scientists need machine learning. The session will also feature a live demonstration of how to Build a Machine Learning Classifier in Python with Scikit-learn.