Discovering the Art of Cheese-Making: A Fascinating Visit to Italian DairyProducts Farm

Our Business Students recently had the opportunity to visit the Italian Dairy Products Farm in Hamriya FZE. The experience of witnessing the daily operations of a very staple product in our lives – cheese was fascinating and informative. Upon arriving at the factory, they were greeted by the inviting aromas of dairy and the sight of skilled artisans meticulously crafting delectable cheeses.

The warm hospitality of the factory staff immediately conveyed the passion and dedication put into their craft, setting the stage for a wonderful learning experience for our students. As soon as they entered the factory, the students were requested to put on protective gear for our safety and to adhere to the hygiene standards of the company. The company’s guide gave them a detailed introduction to the origin and the product portfolio of the company which helped them understand the nature of the organization
and how it functioned.

Demont Students were able to witness the art of Burrata and Mozzarella making. Mozzarella, known for its delicate taste and smooth, elastic texture, has a rich history rooted in the Italian countryside. The company demonstrated the various machinery used to make this staple product. The students also got the opportunity to taste different types of cheeses and experience a different form of sensory delight. The processes of crafting these cheeses were nothing less of artisanal craftsmanship and from a business perspective, our students did learn a lot about manufacturing and the entire operation.

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